Directors Message

Shiv Hari Sharma
Schooling is the vision to evolve a direction of light in life which gets reflected in the mirror of the world to shine more and more. Creative Brain Academy (C.B.A.) the name itself denotes the vision we have to develop and design the personality of your kid. Here the creative brains are sharing their creativity to generate more creative brains

Every day , every hour, every minute the institute along with its team does nothing but tries to prove its name in every field. More or less what? write here is not so important but the remarkable points are those which we have done and are planning for.

So the fact is that if you are really hunting for a better opportunity to enrich your kid with proper education and certain features, just visit our school, meet the kids & have the opinions of parents. The best point on which? personally feel proud is that ? am not working for a school only, but for a family i.e. "C.B.A. Family" enlarging day by day quantity with more quality.